Ross Wolski

Type of Riding: Campdrafting

Where do you live?

35km North East of Chinchilla, Qld

When & Where did you start riding?

Started riding as a child on my parent’s farm at Chinchilla

Favourite horse/s?

CTK Jitterbug, Peps Roulette, Prada Miss and Macy Gray

Describe a typical day for you:

Feed horses, check cattle and waters on property, work & train horses

Achievements/ Highlights:

Always happy if horses are making finals and even happier if they are taking home ribbons. Recent highlights – winning the 2018 Novice draft at Burrandowan Campdraft and placing second in the first Big Show Camp Horse Challenge at Chinchilla last weekend on Prada Miss, one of her runs on the weekend ran a 23, 66 and 4, the 66-course points were the highest points I have ever run

Who inspires you?

Pete Comiskey and John Mulchay

Favourite saying:


Your advice to someone starting out in the Equestrian field? “Dedication and Discipline” – you must be prepared to put the time in, go to schools/clinics, watch and learn from experienced riders and don’t be afraid to ask questions

Why did you choose the sport you are in?

Working on the land riding horses mustering for a living, the sport was an extension of what I loved doing, riding horses and working cattle.

Your favourite HTL product? Why?

Formula Bronze – keeps the horses “sparkling” inside and out and Formula White – Keeps the horses happy and calm when in work, travelling and in competition.