Frequently asked questions

What is Radionics?

Radionics operates not directly on the physical body but upon the subtle energy fields. These are undetected by the normal senses that support life and are essential for its functioning. These principles are based on Quantum Physics theories.

How is Radionics assessment carried out?

Radionics is a method used to discover energy balances and imbalances within a living system. We use a radionics machine  which uses vibrational transference to carry out an energetic inventory of the living system.

What is a radionics analysis?

A radionics analysis is NOT a medical diagnosis.

In a medical diagnosis, the aim is to try and find out the name of the particular symptoms the patient is having.  Then treatment is given according to the medical name.

In a radionics analysis the aim is to find out all the factors that have contributed to the presentation/sample. These factors could reside in the body physically, emotionally, or in the etheric body. It is not to categorize a condition by the way of diagnostic terms.

Radionics may be used alongside other therapies and to support conventional medicine. IT DOES NOT REPLACE conventional medicine but may supplement it. A radionics analysis does not diagnose in the physical sense but may reveal energy imbalances.

What do we test for?

Including but not limited to the balances and imbalances of the bodies systems and meridians.

What are systems? – Systems are made up of multiple organs that work together to keep the body functioning. There are 11 systems to a living creature:

Skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, urinary, reproductive – male / female

What are Meridians? – Meridians are energy pathways. There are 14 major meridians in a living creature:

Governing and Central, lung, large and small intestine, spleen, stomach, kidney, heart, bladder, gall bladder, liver, circulation/sex, triple warmer

If a system or meridian is unbalanced it may require support.

What does it cost?

The hair test and re test is free. There is a $22.00 (inc GST) administration fee.

Do you use drugs in your products?

No. The entire Hair Testing Laboratory products range is drug-free.

How are your products administered?

Orally, there is no need for the use of needles with the range of natural products provided by The Hair Testing Laboratory.

What horses can we help?

Broodmares to performance horses, race horses, young horses, pleasure horses and even your old beloved retiree.

How do I go about getting a hair test done?

Visit the Get a Hair Test page.

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