Holly Hall Perrin

Holly Hall Perrin riding her stunning show horse Highwayman

Where do you live?

Coleyville, Queensland

When and why did you start riding?

Before I can remember!

Favorite Horse/horses?

Highwayman, River Ridge Song of Spring, Willowcroft Phoenix and Spina Diamond

Describe a typical day for you.

Depending on the season (Breeding season I don’t ride, I scan mares and collect stallions)

Usually I spend my day working horses and handling young stock. Preparing sale horses & show horses.


Produced and shown horses to win at State and National level.

Favorite saying?

The difficult horses have the most to give you, follow your arrow wherever it points.

Your advice to someone starting out in any equestrian field?

Give 110% or give up

Your favourite HTL product and why:

White! Happy gut = Happy Horse!!!!