Noella Angel

Type of Riding: Dressage

Where do you live?

Strathalbyn, Adelaide

When & Where did you start riding?

I’ve always ridden even before I could walk.

Favourite horse/s?

Mallee Jack is my one in a billion horse, he was a 15th Birthday present. My other favourite horse would be Milo who is 22 and the best school horse.

Describe a typical day for you:

I don’t have a typical day, it always changes.

Achievements/ Highlights:

My biggest achievement is Mallee Jack. I have also been the Victoria dressage champion and young citizen of the year in 2014.

Who inspires you?

My mum inspires me, she takes everything in her stride and always manages to get out of a challenge on top or close to.

Favourite saying:

Prior and proper preparation prevent piss poor performance.

Your advice to someone starting out in the Equestrian field?

Seek knowledgeable help and keep persisting. It’s a tough world to get into but a great one.

Why did you choose the sport you are in?

It chose me, Mum and Dad were both show jumpers. I dabbled in it when I was younger but dressage allowed me to compete while not injuring myself further. Made it more of an even playing field.

Your favourite HTL product? Why?

I’ve seen arthritic and old horses struggle with their joints, after a couple of weeks on HTL Formulas you can see the improvement.