Addison Marks

Type of Riding: Campdrafting

Where do you live?

70km outside of Springsure, Central Queensland.

When & Where did you start riding?

I started riding when I was three years old, on a property outside of Blackwater.

Favourite horse/s?

Currently, my favourite horse is ‘Black Pearl’. Another favourite is ‘Emma’, an old mare my grandfather gave me when I first started drafting, she taught me a lot (especially outside).

Describe a typical day for you:

I work on a family-owned cattle property. A typical day can include anything from mustering, water maintenance, office work and fencing.

Who inspires you?

By far my family and my fiancé Morgan are my biggest inspirations.

Favourite saying:

‘You have to learn to lose before you win. Therefore when the win comes along, you are grateful and humble’

Your advice to someone starting out in the Equestrian field?

Have fun! If anyone is willing to share advice, make sure you take it in.

Why did you choose the sport you are in?

My Grandad as well as my Dad competed in Campdrafts, they were the major influence.

Your favourite HTL product? Why?

My favourite is Gold, it has assisted in keeping the weight on our horses, especially during competition time.