Formula Red


FORMULA Red is a feed supplement specially formulated for horses in training and before competion. It provides a source of protein, minerals, amino acids, and Vitamin C to supplement your horse’s diet


You can order our Formula Red in 1 kg container.


Gelatine, Citrus Extract

Directions for Use:

As a daily supplement include 26g or 2 level scoops of Formula Red mixed with 1kg feed and include with the morning and evening feeds.

Directions for Safe Handling:

Handle in accordance with good industry practice. Wash hands after handeling. Avoid breathing dust.

Storage Instructions:

Store below 30°C in the closed original container away from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.


Gelatine 80 g/kg Citrus Extract 2g /kg

This product has no therapeutic effect.

This product does not contain Restricted Animal material.

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