Baylee Evans

Type of Riding:

Showing, Campdraft, Interschool, Show-Jumping, Pony Club & Barrel Racing.

Where do you live?

Mutdapilly, Queensland

When & Where did you start riding?

Started when I was 4 years old on a little horse name Taco, while we were living in Collinsville, QLD.

Favourite Horse/s:

Definitely would have to be my quarter horse “Nyanda Crazy Cat” closely followed by our show pony “Harrington Park Charmed”.

Describe a typical day for you:

Wake up at 5:30am, let horses out of stables (leaving the mess for mum to clean up) ride a horse before school, have breakfast before I catch the bus to school at 7:40 and home again at 3:45pm. Have a quick bite to eat, then ride another two horses. My 4 sisters and I share working our 7 horses, then we bring some of the horses back into the stables, feed up, rug up and then inside around 7pm for dinner and homework.

Biggest Achievements/ Highlights:

Winning 3 State PC Titles in 3 different disciplines over 4 years and Competing at nationals and coming home with the Silver for the QLD PC team.

Why did you choose the sport you are in?

Because I like horses

Your favourite HTL Product? Why?

Gold, it is an all-round supplement that helps to support growth and nutrition for all of my horses.