Hair Testing Laboratory

With thousands of satisfied clients, The Hair Test Lab is leading the way to horse and canine health.

With its unique non-invasive radionics procedures, The Hair Test Lab caters for all types of horses, as well as canines.

Whether your field is thoroughbred, standardbred, dressage, pony club, pleasure, any equine or canine interest.

Horse Health

We have been a part of the Australian Campdraft Assoc. as a silver sponsor for 3 years now, sponsoring the Champion Lady Rider

Our Services The Hair Test Lab arranges for your horse’s hair to be analysed by radionics a non-scientific procedure.

The Hair Test Lab has a range of natural feed supplements; the main aim is to maintain and keep your horse at peak health and fitness. The products we use are non-swabable and contain nutritionally balanced additives.

Equine Testing

Equine Testing


Canine Testing

We also do human hair testing. More information here.