How It Works!

The Hair Test Lab arranges for your horse’s hair to be analysed by radionics a non-scientific procedure. The Hair Test Lab has a range of natural feed supplements; the main aim is to maintain and keep your horse at peak health and fitness. The products we use are non-swabable and contain nutritionally balanced additives to suit your horses needs. Thousands of horses, including thoroughbreds, standardbreds, performance horses and breeding stock have been and are being supplemented with the range of products with the desired results. Many trainers big and small, professional and hobby in all spheres have been pleased to have their names connected with the Hair Test Lab.

You Can Try At A Low Cost

There is just a $55.00 admin fee (total cost per sample) for the hair testing analysis which it makes more affordable. We invite you to contact us in order to help your horse return to peak health and fitness. Systems considered relate to Blood flow, Nutrition, Body balancing, Shiatsu, Bowen, and Acupressure and regularly use the Q2 Machine. We can provide many types of massage to suit projects with your horse. GET STARTED TODAY!

How To Send A Horse Hair Sample

Cut the mane hair from behind the ears at the poll, the width of a biro, 3cm long. Place in an envelope or clean ziplock bag and seal so that only the horse’s hair is enclosed. Fill out the attached form and send with the hair sample.

How To Send A Human Hair Sample

How to take a hair sample, cut 50-100 strands of hair from the nape of your neck as close as possible to the scalp and place in a zip lock bag or envelope on its own.

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