Q. What does it cost?

A. There is a $22.00 (inc GST) administration fee for the analysis.

Q. Do you use drugs in your products?

A. No. The entire Hair Testing Laboratory products range is drug-free.

Q. How are your products administered?

A. Orally, there is no need for the use of needles with the range of natural products provided by The Hair Testing Laboratory.

Q. I already use vitamins, why should I switch?

A. Because The Hair Testing Laboratory products are specifically designed for the performance animal, with various products being recommended specifically for various horses.

Q. How does it work?

A. The hair testing analysis is a non-specific procedure with analysis being done by radionics, which virtually tests energies against energies. Results are the individual operator’s opinion only.

Q. What horses can you help?

A. The range of Hair Testing Laboratory products are designed to assist horses with problems such as poor appetite, poor digestion, dull coat, poor recovery, pulling up short in races and not performing to expectations.

Q. How do I go about getting a hair test done?

A. Visit the Get a Hair Test page.

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